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Esteban Bello: Links to video & epk

Electronic Press Kit (epk)
Press this link to go to Esteban Bello's electronic press kit.
You Tube Videos

Video clips of Esteban and friends on
Montalvo guitar demonstration. Click on my picture to hear a short sample of classical guitar; the Giga by Manuel Ponce.

This gorgeous Alegria was composed by the Flamenco singer Ma┼Ěte Martin. I have added a final estribillo (Tag On) By Vincente Amigo "At the first ray of light in the morning, I awake always asking "where are you" with my breath fogging the pane of my window, I see my little boat, and I set to sea. I sail alone, with my little sailboat over the waves. Although you are far from me I continue to love you, because your love was the light that illumined my path,and I will die of love and you will be my heaven. Oh my love! you are my cross and my wound! I will carry your love up hill for the rest of my life. Oh what great loneliness I feel without you, when the day begins and you separate from me Oh what great loneliness!"